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Our chefs at Mobile Marketing Menu know the secret ingredients that optimize your website and
how to mix; season; prepare and present each course of action.  Our mobile marketing menu is
rich in business nutrition and always tastefully prepared to order. Our staff caters to your every
need. Whether you have the appetite of a prince or a pauper; the menu of services available will
satisfy a banquet of needs or a more modest diet. The size and quality of your market will depend
on how well you cater to the needs of your customers.


Local Search Optimization @ Google Places

Local Search OptimizationYour business has a free Google Place and local search optimization on the Internet at
absolutely no cost to you. If you never had a website then this may be your lucky day.
You can do this yourself! Local Search Optimization begins at Google Places.

  • Optimize your Google Places listing around specific keywords
  • Target local customers accurately with GPS and Google Maps
  • Claim your listing with Google Places to put your business on the map
  • Look before you leap. A poor listing is worse than no listing at all

Every business should claim their Google Places page to enhance their local search optimization
and Google ranking If done correctly; your business listing will appear on page 1 of Google for your
product or service.


But beware! There are five common errors to avoid.
Click the link to learn the pitfalls of local search optimization


Winning Search Engine Optimization for Websites:

search engine optimization for websitesThe process of optimizing your website for the search engines can be complicated. If you want
your content to be visible to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, there are a few simple
techniques you need to apply for on-page optimization.

  • The targeted keyword must be in your title
  • Your targeted keyword must also be in your H1, H2, ad H3 tags
  • Any images should have your targeted keyword in the ALT tag
  • Your content must be optimized around your key words and related key words.

These pointers will help you immensely with your on-page optimization.
Where you rank within the search engines is dependent on many factors: how competitive your market is;
how well optimized the competitor sites are within that market, the load speed of your website, etc.

What’s the biggest mistake in SEO?

Click the link to learn more about search engine optimization for websites


Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website DevelopmentMobile friendly is a brand new path to success. The goal of mobile website development is
to help your business to be found and clearly viewed on hand-held devices. Mobile iPhones,
droids and smart phones are increasingly used for Internet searches.

  • The Internet has moved from desktop to laptop to hand held
  • The mobile phone explosion has ignited an online global communication revolution.
  • Web access by Mobile Phones has hit upon a big problem: website visibility
  • A Mobile ready Website solves the distorted visibility problem


Why Choose MOBILE Website Development?

Are you visible to your customers? Currently 40% of all searches are now conducted on mobile devices.
This means that 40 out of every 100 visitors cannot properly view or navigate your traditional website.
So right now you may be losing prospective customers AND your “bounce rate” will eventually affect
your Google rankings.
You need to be visible to your customers on a mobile device. Know how to be ‘mobile’ friendly?
Discover how by clicking the following link: Mobile Website Development.