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Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development, for 2011 and beyond

Mobile friendly is a brand new path to success. The goal of mobile website development
is to help your business be found and clearly viewed on hand-held devices.
Mobile iPhones, droids and smart phones are increasingly used for Internet searches and
account for 40% of searches today.



“Fast factor” in mobile website development

If you have web access on your phone then you know the drill. Push-button convenience is
what we all want – NOW! The platform for mobile website development is just the starting
point. Your mobile website must be designed to be compatible with a broad array of mobile
devices. It is possible to reach up to 97% of all mobile phones with a properly designed
mobile website.

Why does effective mobile website development capture your customers’ attention?
Mobile Users are not surfers just waiting to catch the perfect wave. They are hunters tracking prey.
Each is focused on specific game. They search deliberately and fire at the best target that first enters
the crosshairs of their scope. You can  make your website their bullseye!

Mobile Website Development

Your customers demand convenience and ease of access. Your Dot Mobi website
can be designed with touch screen menus for easy contact with your business.
by email, text and phone. Mobile website development should remove every
inconvenience. Can your mobile customers view your website? Do they have
the time and patience to scroll and enlarge before being able to turn a page for
contact information?

Your Customers demand speed.Your mobile website should be a fast loading automatic weapon.
Loading time varies from phone to phone and can take several minutes. Customer patience wears
thin. How long will they wait for your site to load? 3 to 5 seconds should be your target.

The mobile website development team that you choose makes all the difference.

How mobile website development succeeds

There are nearly 7 billion inhabitants on the Earth. There are fewer than one and one half billion
desktop PC’s. There are more than 4 billion mobile devices already. Mobile phone internet use is
rapidly expanding.

Mobile Website Development

Effecive mobile website development leverages all mobile devices and their different capabilities.
Your mobile customers have a powerful computer in their holster. Opportunities abound with
an effective mobile website. Possibilities exist in mobile website development for promotion
by SMS (Short Message Service) text messages and MMS (Multimedia Message Service)
involving more advanced audio/visual media methods. QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)
transfer information through barcode readers in Mobile Aps such as coupons, promos, product
info and the like. Uses are expanding with mobile website development. The potential is limitless.

Software will soon convert mobile devices into standard payment vehicles akin to credit and debit
cards. Technology is moving toward convergence of all communication and transaction functions
within a single device and medium.

Explore mobile website development and commerce now. Every business needs a mobile friendly
site. Growth of the mobile website development is in its infancy.


Mobile Website Development is the best investment for your Company

State-of-the-art mobile phones are hand-held computers – many people do not leave home without it.
And these phones get smarter by the day. With features like a GPS (Global Positioning System)
video – camera, WiFi – mobile devices are evolving to revolutionize how customers interact with
businesses and with credit card companies.

Mobile phone are “handheld computer” with full operating systems, powerful processors and
abundant memory – just like your desktop computer”. With features  like a GPS
(Global Positioning System) video – camera, WiFi – mobile devices are evolving to revolutionize
how customers interact with businesses and with credit card companies.

Local businesses are relevant to search engines with knowledge of the GPS position of the mobile
searcher. Mobile website development matches and connects the mobile searcher with Dot Mobi
optimized products and services. Whether you build a new Dot Mobi website or choose to add an
extension to your existing Dot Com website  – mobile website development is the key first step on
the path to future success.

Why Do I Need Mobile Website Development Now?

Here’s why:
Mobile use is exploding  – in Q1 2011 Facebook had 200 million active mobile users vs 50 thousand
in  September 2009.  On Japan’s leading social network (Mixi). 85% of page views are already mobile

  • Mobile gives instant gratification – it provides local immediacy, transparent pricing/discounting,
    and digital products – now!
  • Mobile promo generates  results –  mobile is 33% more likely y to produce a transaction than a PC
    contact  and 300% more likely than TV!
  • So the world wants mobile websites – but mobile website development lags way behind. Estimates
    in 2010 showed that only 2% of all existing websites were mobile ready. What will you do?

The wave of the future is now, it’s mobile – and it’s a Tsunami! There is now four times the number of
mobile phone as PCs. 60% of activity on mobile is new activity (like shopping), e-Bay tripled mobile
revenue to $2 Billion in, 2010.

The wave is cresting. It’s time to catch the mobile website development wave!

Mobile website development… is our expertise.

Our mobile website development team guarantees that our mobile ready websites are compatible
with 97% of all existing mobile phone devices. Be visible to your customers. Discover how to be
‘mobile friendly’ by clicking the link to contact our mobile website development team